July 24, 2019
When he is working from his position as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Sugar Group Companies, Gunawan Jusuf isn’t actually in charge of a single company. Instead, he oversees the operations of several companies that grow and refine sugar products for the mass market in Indonesia. A lot of Gunawan Jusuf’s job may remind one of the concept of herding cats. Besides operating a large number of plantations and refineries located throughout Indonesia, Sugar Group Companies also operates nearly a dozen offices nationwide.

It may seem like a miracle, but he actually gets this large and diverse group of independent companies to work in unison. That means, he gets them to work for the benefit of their own companies as well as for the benefit of the entire group as a whole. Even though there are so many elements to contain and control, Gunawan Jusuf has led the phenomenal growth of many products, especially Gulaku, which is a household name throughout Indonesia. That is no small feat for any executive, which is why Gunawan Jusuf garners so much respect in Indonesian business.